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What will be my total costs to set up a US company?

Your total cost will be $299 for our services + $89 to form a Corporation (or $90 for an LLC). There are no other fees. Unlike most incorporating companies, we provide you with the services of a registered agent for the first year. There is no charge to set up your EIN and US company bank account. And the bank account only requires a $100 deposit (depending on which account you would like to open).

What are my ongoing annual fees?

You will have 2 ongoing annual fees:
1. The State fee of $325 for a US corporation (or $400 for an LLC)
2. The registered agents fee of $199 per year.


$ 499 is Included:

1- Name Check (We will check name of your company you want to register is free or not,

2- Payment to Delaware State (State Fee)

3- Agent Fee

4- 2 Months Phone Number

5- Address will register your company

6- Registration Certificate

7- Bank Account Solution to reccommend.

(All document will electronically transfer your email. If you want whole documents with apostille or company seal, please contact us. All extra requirement is should be added to cost. Also opening bank account must pay minimum $ 100. That money will deposit in your account.)


If would like to your LLC will ready in 48 hours, than must pay $250 more.

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